CULTURE is the wealth from material and spiritual world that born in the historical processing and it is the footstone and lifeblood for a nation relying on to survive and multiplied.

ART is one cultural phenomenon based on innovation to gush out desire and emotions which reveals a fine and luxury lifestyle.

DESIGN is just one expression for people to show their pursuit for art and understanding of beauty and themselves so as to trigger the cultural instinct in the deep heart.   MORE

Honyo International Design Company is a comprehensive institution specialized in noble villas, apartments, public recreation space etc.

Honyo dedicates itself to the research of relaxation culture. Life is full of chaos and noises. For the sake of giving body and soul a shelter to express their tastes and reflect their own individuality, Honyo started from the end: it begin with considering the end users, their lifestyles and their ways of using their living-rooms--a living room is a place you open to others in order to express your hospitality, and it also can be a place of quiet and reflection.

Underlying Honyo operations there are simple concepts: careful but functional, green and harmony, those make Honyo’s works become the model of perfect combination of creativity and sophisticated technology.

The large amount of the work pieces, the experience accumulated from the construction, and the coordination of the implementation of all aspects of work, all these have formed a comprehensive and systematic management model for design and projects, and also a mode for the private counsel and management for senior cases.

Pursuit of perfection and original let each of Honyo’s work speaks itself. It tells its story and the friendly feelings between customers and Honyo.

As an interior professional design institution, Honyo uses unlimited creativity to make up limited deficiency of the building. MORE

Broad Horizen, Wide Heard, Harbor broad

Make choice by heart

Deepen Research, Industrious Thinking

Bob up like a cork

Aspire to Perfection

Be familiar with circumstance

Shape buildings

Enjoy the life

The most vivid design contains the deepest emotion.

We feel passions of life from heart, feel colorful designs through profound experience, and present turnings of each dramatic scene through perfect designs.

Our way of love for designs, works, opportunities and customers is through strict requirements.

We reject mediocrity and are against repeating. With the spirit of original designs, we remodel ourselves, reshape traditions, and reconstruct our life. This is our mission of creation, passion for life, and sincerity for design.

We obey the ethics as a qualified designer.

We were born for design, and will love for design, and shine for design! MORE

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